Answers to the most common questions.

Where can you change the currency?

The currency e.g. CHF can be changed in iPad settings> General> Language & region> Region> Switzerland.

Which iPad is necessary to run the App?

To run the App you need at least an iPad 2 or iPad mini with Wi‑Fi + Cellular and System iOS 7 or higher.

Which calendars work with the App?

Every calendar that can be synchronized with the calendar app on the iPad is suitable for use with the App.

My calendars won‘t display in the App

Please check if the App has access to calendars on the iPad

Go to: Settings -> Privacy -> Calendars
The switch should be green (1) for the App



Is it necessary to purchase additional software for the use of the App?

No. The App works as a stand-alone product. The only thing you need in addition is a calendar which can be synchronized with the calendar app on the iPad.

Appointments are not displayed on the iPad
  1. Check the network connection. Without connection to the internet appointments cannot sync with the iPad
  2. Check the synchronisation settings on the iPad. It should be set to “Push” (1)
  3. If you use more than one calendar, check if the appointments have been saved in the right calendar


Is it possible to delete orders out of the App?

You can do this in the orders overview screen.
When swiping an order to the left, a delete button appears.


Is it possible to distribute the same material set to several iPads?

Yes, it is.

Please look here for further information.

Are there plans to develop an Android version of the App?

We do have plans for that. For the time being, however, we will concentrate on Apps for the iPad – to make it the best app for service technicians on this platform.

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