Material management in the App

In the App you can manage your materials quickly and easily. If you have several iPads running the App, we also offer the possibility to export and import material lists. Using this feature, you can export a material list from one iPad or create such a list on your PC and import it on all your iPads.

How to manage your materials directly on the iPad.

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When adding a new material, you can enter the name, quantity, unit price and a description (like purpose, manufacturer or products it is suitable for). Quantities can be edited at any time later on.

How to manage materials for many iPads.

1. Export a material list from one iPad to others
  • Tap the “Material list“ button in the App overview screen
  • Tap the “Export“ button
  • Continue with -> 3. Import a material list
2. Create a material list on your PC
  • Create an new document in a spreadsheet application such as MS Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Tables
  • Create a table with 5 columns:
    • Column 1: ID Number – by this number the App identifies each material
    • Column 2: Name
    • Column 3: Quantity
    • Column 4: Unit price incl. VAT (enter without currency symbol)
    • Column 5: Short description, e. g. manufacturer, products it can be used for
  • Enter your materials into this list
  • Save it for changes later on
  • Save it as a CSV (with semicolon-separated values)
3. Import a material list
  • Send the file created in -> 1. or 2. on the target iPad via Email, Clouddrive etc.
  • in Email tap and hold the CSV file icon until a dialog box appears
  • in Clouddrive Apps (e.g. Dropbox, Spideroak) tap the “Export” button
  • Choose Werkheld from the options
4. Add materials at anytime
  • Simply add new materials to your existing spreadsheet file and save it as a CSV – as described under 2. Create a material list on your PC
  • Do not combine an existing ID number with a new material unless you want to replace it in the App
  • When importing the CSV file in the App you will be asked if you want to overwrite quantities in the App. Choose “No”, to retain the stock quantity for the materials, which are already in the Werkheld database.